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Welcome to Radiate Reiki

I invite you to come and experience the nurturing power of Reiki. A space for you to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to relax, reclaim your energy, and reconnect with the essence of your being.
Through 1:1 guided meditation and the gentle touch of Reiki, we channel the boundless energy of the universe to help you reach a state of deep relaxation. This process, combined with your body's natural healing ability, renews your vitality, restores balance and harmony, and nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki, a Japanese holistic healing practice rooted in the profound understanding of universal life energy. The term "Reiki" combines the Japanese words "Rei," meaning "universal," and "Ki," meaning "life energy," reflecting its essence as the universal life force that permeates all living beings. This energy, also known as prana, chi, or life force, is the foundation of existence, flowing through every cell and connecting us to the greater cosmos.

At its core, Reiki operates on the principle that when our life energy is low or stagnant, it can manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. Reiki practitioners, through training and attunement, become conduits for channeling this universal energy. By placing their hands lightly on or just above the recipient's body, they facilitate the flow of Reiki energy to where it is most needed, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and stimulating the body's innate healing mechanisms.

Stress is a pervasive issue in our society, Reiki offers a pathway to relaxation, peace, and balance.

Through gentle energy clearing and the balancing of meridians and chakras, Reiki brings harmony to your entire being, guiding you back to the essence where true harmony resides. Dive into the world of chakras to discover more about this ancient wisdom. With Reiki, you're invited to step into your healing journey, reclaiming the innate harmony within.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing?

Schedule a Reiki session today and experience the transformative power of universal life energy firsthand. Your path to wellness awaits.


Hi there! I'm Emily your qualified Reiki practitioner, yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher. I am thrilled to welcome you to Radiate Reiki, where we embark on a journey of personal empowerment through the transformative practice of Reiki energy healing.

Before we dive into a session together, I take the time to understand your unique needs and aspirations. Your journey towards personal empowerment is as unique as you are. Every session is tailored to address your specific needs and aspirations. Your session may include guided meditation to help quiet the mind, sound therapy for relaxation, and the use of crystals for energetic cleansing and balancing. Please note that while Reiki involves touch, it is not a massage.

Creating a Supportive Environment

I'm passionate about creating a safe and nurturing space where you can feel completely at ease, allowing you to release stress and tension. You'll rest comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed with a cozy blanket and eye mask to help you relax and connect with the present moment.

Intuitive Guidance

During our session, I intuitively guide you through various techniques to channel your energy effectively. Whether it's through breathwork, visualizations, affirmations, or gentle touch, I'll help you tap into your inner power and release any blockages holding you back.

Balancing Energy Centers

Using Reiki techniques, I work to balance your energy centers, promoting harmony and alignment within your energetic body. By clearing stagnant energy and restoring balance, we pave the way for greater clarity, vitality, and self-awareness.

Empowering Mind-Body Connection

Throughout our time together, I emphasize the connection between your mind and body, encouraging you to cultivate greater awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This integration fosters a deeper understanding of your inner workings and empowers you to take control of your well-being.

Encouraging Self-Reflection

After our session, I invite you to reflect on your experience and observe any shifts or insights that arise. Your healing journey is a collaborative effort, and I'm here to support you as you continue to channel your energy towards personal growth and empowerment.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Our journey together doesn't end with our session. I provide ongoing support and guidance, offering tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life to sustain your newfound sense of empowerment.

At Radiate Reiki, my mission is to be your guiding light on your path to personal empowerment. Together, we'll unlock your innate power and potential, empowering you to live a life filled with vitality, clarity, and purpose.

Benefits of Reiki

Promotes Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation and stress relief as Reiki energy soothes your body and mind.

Enhances Healing

Accelerate the body's natural healing processes and support recovery from illness or injury.

Anxiety & Depression

Experience deep relaxation and stress relief as Reiki energy soothes your body and mind.

Boosts Energy Levels

Rebalance your energy centers and replenish your vitality with revitalizing Reiki sessions.

Choose Your Reiki Experience


"Amazing Em, it was such a beautiful experience to share. You have a beautiful way of nurturing, guiding with your soothing voice and calming light touch.
A perfect invitation to truly relax particularly for anyone wanting to find a deeper state of relaxation and conscious meditation. Thanks so much for sharing"

What are Chakras?


Chakras are energy centers located along the central axis of the body, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The word "chakra" is derived from Sanskrit and translates to "wheel" or "disk."

Energy Centers:

Chakras are believed to be spinning wheels or vortexes of energy that correspond to different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Seven Main Chakras:

There are seven main chakras, each associated with specific colors, elements, sounds, and qualities. These chakras are:

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara): Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is associated with survival, security, and grounding.

  • Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra governs creativity, emotions, and sexuality.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): Located in the upper abdomen, the solar plexus chakra is associated with personal power, self-esteem, and confidence.

  • Heart Chakra (Anahata): Located in the center of the chest, the heart chakra governs love, compassion, and emotional balance.

  • Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): Located at the throat, the throat chakra is associated with communication, self-expression, and authenticity.

  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): Located between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra governs intuition, insight, and perception.

  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra is associated with spirituality, connection to the divine, and higher consciousness.

Balancing and Alignment:

When the chakras are balanced and aligned, energy flows freely throughout the body, promoting health, vitality, and well-being. However, if a chakra is blocked or imbalanced, it can manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.

Healing Practices:

Various healing modalities, such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, and crystal therapy, aim to balance and align the chakras, promoting harmony and wholeness on all levels of being.

In summary, chakras are vital energy centers within the body that play a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. By understanding and working with the chakras, we can cultivate greater balance, vitality, and alignment in our lives.

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