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Hello Mumma Bear!

Welcome! are you.....

            Looking for a playgroup that benefits both you and your bubba?
            Wanting to strengthen your body after birth?
            Looking to connect with other Mums and Bubs in a fun, friendly and welcoming space?
            Interested in the benefits of yoga?

Yes? We would love you and bubs to join us!

Treat yourself and your baby by joining us on our journey of strengthening the body and the bond while connecting with other mums and bubs in your community.

Classes run for 8 weeks during the school term with a social, unstructured Playgroup in the Park at the end of each term for a casual catch-up.
Cost is $150 for 8 week term (less than $20 per week)
Subsidised classes at Ingle Farm Children's Centre, City of Adelaide, City of Burnside,  Town of Walkerville.
Nature classes are 
available in spring through autumn in partnership with the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. 

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Strengthen your body after birth

Through a gentle sequence of targeted yoga poses focused on improving your pelvic floor and core abdominal strength and stretches to relieve tension in your lower back, neck and shoulders.

Share experiences with other mums

With dedicated time each class to simply chat, offer tips and tricks, ask for advice or give us an update on your babies latest – teething, sleeping, eating

Yoga guiding your journey of motherhood

With a different topic each week you will be introduced to the 8 limbs of yoga. How we respond to the world around us, how we treat ourselves, the power of breath, the physical practice of yoga, mindfulness, focus and meditation which, when practiced regularly brings inner peace.

Bond with your bubba

Through baby massage, action songs, socialisation, smiles, and movement your babies development will be enriched.

Bubba will be engaged and involved throughout each class making it an experience for you both to enjoy

What other Mums are saying....

Just everything! The sense of community, the yoga itself and the gentleness on our bodies and mind.

— Naomi

Happy Baby.png

I love that I feel free to be myself, be silly with my baby, move my body and have genuine fun. I have also learnt tools for regulating my emotions, grounding and meditating. So grateful!

— Tara

Partner Poses

Great instructor, chance to meet other mums, guaranteed time to move each week.

— Lauren

Mums and Bubs

Pacey makes the experience wonderful. She is warm and welcoming, kind and understanding. I’ve loved being in the 8 week program 

— Stephani



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