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Generation Yogi’s Playgroup with a Twist has a focus on community and connection

Combining the principles of yoga and traditional playgroup to benefit both Mumma and her Bubba

Strengthen your body and your bond in a welcoming, friendly environment

No yoga experience needed.  

Our classes have been designed to engage babies and toddlers from 3 months to 3 years old.

Research has shown introducing yoga at an early age helps bubba meet their milestones, developing strength, coordination and body awareness.

Yoga can help Mumma regain her strength and nurture her body after birth through simple but effective poses and sequences that can be done with and along side your baby. 

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Strengthen your body after birth

Through a gentle sequence of targeted yoga poses focused on improving your pelvic floor and core abdominal strength and stretches to relieve tension in your lower back, neck and shoulders.

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Share experiences with other mums

With dedicated time each class to simply chat, offer tips and tricks, ask for advice or give us an update on your babies latest – teething, sleeping, eating


Bond with your bubba

Through baby massage, action songs, socialisation, smiles and movement your babys development will be enriched.

Bubba will be engaged and involved throughout each class making it an experience for you both to enjoy

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Yoga guiding your journey of motherhood

With a different topic each week you will be introduced to the 8 limbs of yoga. How we respond to the world around us, how we treat ourselves, the power of breath, the physical practice of yoga, mindfulness, focus and meditation which, when practiced regularly brings inner peace.

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